SCA Medical Missions

“An idea you can do anything with, but an experience does something with you.”
– D.H. Lawrence

Inspired by our physicians and teammates who have engaged in medical missions, we created the SCA Medical Missions program to make medical missions opportunities more available to our physicians and teammates.


“I am always reminded that there is so much more to this world than what is happening in my life and its challenges. I feel privileged to have been a member of this medical mission brigade and look forward to a reunion!”

Beth Marien, Registered Nurse Pre Op
SCA Medical Missions Volunteer – April 2015

To get involved in the SCA Medical Missions program, email us at or call us at 847-267-3539.

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We selected a surgery center in Honduras, near the capital city Tegucigalpa, as our initial site for medical mission trips. The surgery center is a modern, well-equipped facility that was created by Dr. Peter Daly, an orthopedic surgeon in St. Paul, Minnesota, and his wife Lulu. The surgery center is located on the grounds of a large orphanage run by a not-for-profit organization called NPH International. This location allows for surgeons and teammates to bring their spouses and children to join in helping at the orphanage in the garden, kitchen and other areas by playing with children, rocking babies and helping with general grounds upkeep. They can also can help in various ways at the surgery center. Lodging for the mission trips for the medical brigade and accompanying family members is on the grounds of the orphanage so that everyone remains close together.

“We served to transform the life of others in need. The gift we received, in turn, was that our lives were transformed… Greatest trip ever.”

Bill Pethick, VP Operations
Medical Missions Volunteer – April 2015