Value creation through health plan alignment: SCA and DISC

Founded by Dr. Robert S. Bray, Jr., DISC Sports & Spine Center (DISC) is one of America’s foremost providers of minimally invasive spine procedures and advanced arthroscopic techniques.

  • 40% volume growth in cases six months after partnering with SCA
  • 99% patient satisfaction in 2014
  • 0% surgical MRSA infection rate
“SCA packaged a partnership between us, providers, payers and patients. By working together, we can deliver the highest quality at a lower cost—for everyone.”


When Dr. Robert Bray, Jr. founded DISC Sports & Spine Center in 2007, he was at the forefront of a healthcare trend. With a 95% focus on minimally invasive outpatient procedures, Dr. Bray has transformed the once-complex spinal surgery into a stress-free outpatient procedure. The result: a new level of safety, efficiency and reduced recovery time.

Given his success in Southern California, Dr. Bray saw more opportunity to grow the practice and deliver quality healthcare to more people. In 2014, DISC chose SCA as its partner to enhance efficiency and improve the quality of outpatient surgery while reducing the cost to consumers.

How the Partnership with SCA Enables DISC Surgeons to Capture the Value they Create

This partnership model enables top-ranked physicians the opportunity to maintain independence and participate in how healthcare is delivered to the marketplace. “SCA offers a turnkey solution that gives physicians greater autonomy and provides a high level of efficiency,” says Bray.

By Partnering with SCA, Physicians Benefit by Being Able to Do More Cases Efficiently—and Generate More Revenue

Within six months of partnering with SCA, DISC saw 40 percent growth in cases while patient satisfaction remained at 99 percent. In addition to clinical success, DISC experienced success on the payer front due to the strong partnership SCA established with Anthem, the largest for-profit health plan in California.

“Before SCA became our partner, all our procedures were out-of-network,” says Bray. Through Anthem, DISC can now take more cases and deliver higher quality at a lower rate than hospitals. “We worked with Anthem to create new categories for complex cases in an ASC environment” says Holle Ho, SCA’s Senior Director, Managed Care. “This enables the surgeons to capture the value they create. Everyone wins.”


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