Shift from Single- to Multi-Specialty Drives 60 Percent Growth

“The SCA vision is to offer an environment that is safe, with the comfort and advantages of an outpatient center.”

Dr. Andrew Wassef, MD

Despite running a successful endoscopy center in the Long Beach, California area since the early 1990s, its physician owners recognized that their singlespecialty focus limited their growth.

“Our facility had become dated, and as a single-specialty center, it was no longer meeting the needs of the physicians or patients,” said the center’s founding physician, Dr. Barry Zamost.

“We were concerned about getting bigger, but we realized if we weren’t moving forward, we were missing opportunities.”

Enter Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA), a leader in the outpatient surgery industry. Leveraging its ability to build strategic relationships, SCA fostered a three-way partnership with the surgical center, the area’s major health system (MemorialCare), and Monarch Healthcare, the largest physician group in the market. The partnership enabled the center to engage new physicians, expand its offerings and develop a brand new center to replace the original single-specialty center.

“With the reputation and management abilities of SCA, in partnership with a very large hospital network, as well as our own successful background, it was the natural evolution,” said Dr. Zamost.

As a result of this strong partnership, MemorialCare Outpatient Surgical Center Long Beach re-opened in September 2015 as a new construction multi-specialty surgical center with 22,000 square feet, four multi-specialty operating rooms that can accommodate joint and spine procedures, three endoscopy rooms and two private recovery bays.

As one of the only in-network outpatient surgery centers in the market, the response has been very positive. Over 40 physicians are now partnered with the center, and based on the center’s volume thus far, will serve 12,000-plus patients each year.


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