Cardiovascular Procedures Increasingly Performed at ASCs

“I perform my cases at Northbank because the staff is professional, efficient, and provide great care for my patients, who appreciate the high level of service and attention. SCA has been a great partner in optimizing the patient experience and educating physicians, health plans and patients about the benefits of performing CRM procedures in an ASC.”

Joshua Leichman, MD

Cardiac rhythm management (CRM) procedures (pacemakers, AICDs, battery change-outs and cardiac event monitors)are an increasing area of growth for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). Following the path of complex spine and total joint procedures that are rapidly migrating to an outpatient setting, physicians are realizing the benefits of performing cardiovascular procedures at an ASC.

Northbank Surgical Center in Salem, Oregon is one example of a successful and fast-growing cardiovascular program. A leading outpatient surgical center for over 30 years and partner of Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA), Northbank has been performing cardiovascular cases with outstanding results.

Since initiating cardiovascular procedures several years ago, Northbank has reported zero complications, zero infections, all while costing, on average, 30 percent less than the hospital outpatient setting.

Physicians appreciate the ease of scheduling, predictability of starting on time, and appealing environment of an ASC, while their patients are impressed with a more comfortable experience and significantly lower out-of-pocket payment. Physicians are also appreciative of the health plan relationships from SCA and the opportunity to participate in equity opportunities in co-owning the ASC.

Since these patients can be discharged same day with equal or better outcomes, it has quickly been demonstrated that it is not only appropriate, but very desirable to perform these procedures in an ASC environment. “The ASC setting is ideal for the physician while bringing tremendous value to the patient,” commented Northbank Administrator Peggy Seidler. “Partnering with an experienced strategic operator like SCA helps physicians transition their cases to the ASC environment with ease, as we have the tools and experience to optimize the outpatient CRM surgical experience.”

In order to keep up with growing demand and to continue to expand their offerings, Northbank will soon break ground on a new center with state-of-the-art resources providing additional capacity for cardiovascular procedures.


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