SCA Helps Surgeons Expand Delivery of High-Quality Outpatient Total Joint, Complex Spine and Cardiovascular Procedures

“One of the benefits to being an SCA center was the ability to benchmark and learn best practices from other centers before launching our total joint program. I had the opportunity to watch several total joint procedures at another SCA facility, meet with the staff and learn from established programs.”

Beth Davis, Facility CEO

SCA, a national leader in outpatient surgery, has expertise and experience partnering with physicians to develop and introduce high-acuity service lines at ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and surgical hospitals. Focused on complex spine, total joint replacement and cardiovascular procedures, SCA has launched more than 150 high-acuity service line programs, a number that continues to grow each year.

Physicians’ Surgical Care Center total joint program is just one example of how partnering with SCA enhances the launch of a new service line. Facility CEO Beth Davis and her physician partners embarked on a journey to build a new surgery center in 2014. With SCA’s local market expertise and payer relationships, the partnership built additional capacity to meet the growing need for high-quality ambulatory care. The facility now performs total joint replacements and reports very strong patient and physician satisfaction, with a patient Net Promoter Score of 94.

SCA’s strong relationships with payers helped the facility secure new contracts, enabling patients to receive high quality, lower cost total joint care. On average, an outpatient total knee replacement is 62 percent less expensive as compared to the same procedure performed in the hospital setting.1

The rapid growth of total joint programs and other strategic service line procedures demonstrates that the outpatient setting is not only safe, but desirable for patients and physicians alike. SCA and its physician partners have developed more than 75 spine programs. Recently, SCA has begun focusing on cardiovascular procedures in the ASC setting: SCA has launched five cardiovascular programs in 2017 alone. Our payer relationships, market expertise and clinical experience make SCA the partner of choice for launching and expanding total joint, complex spine and cardiovascular service lines.

1 Assumes patient has met deductible, has 80% coinsurance, and no copay. Note: data is representative, taking the average ASC commercial rate and assuming a 60% discount from inpatient rates.

If you are interested in partnering with SCA in an existing or de novo facility, please reach out to Brian Mathis.

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