Health Plan Partnerships

We work with health plans to improve quality, reduce cost, and create compelling networks for physicians.

“Blue Cross of Idaho and Surgical Care Affiliates are united in transforming the current delivery system to ensure that patients receive quality care, at the right time, in the most appropriate setting.”

Jeff Crouch, Sr. Vice President of Provider Services, Blue Cross of Idaho

Surgery accounts for 30% of total medical spend.*

SCA enables health plans to improve quality, access and cost by organizing the surgeons in a market to optimize site of service, implant selection and utilization.


SCA operates the largest network of independent ASCs and surgical hospitals in the United States. Over 7,500 surgeons choose SCA facilities because our local market teams understand the requirements of each surgeon.


“By participating in the Idaho Quality Network established by SCA in partnership with Blue Cross of Idaho, physicians can be rewarded for providing high quality care to an increasing number of patients, who benefit from such care at lower cost in SCA facilities.”

Dr. Jeff Hessing, Orthopedist, Treasure Valley Hospital in Boise, Idaho

We leverage sophisticated analytics to improve quality of care for your physicians and patients.


Market Development

Benchmarking / Informatics


Referral Mapping

Supply Cost Benchmarking

Service Line Playbooks

“We have great momentum to create a program which will be beneficial to all stakeholders but especially our customers. Thank you.”

David E. Mino, M. D., M.B.A.
Cigna Healthcare
National Medical Director Orthopaedic Surgery and Spinal Disorders