Health System Partnerships

SCA is affiliating with major health systems at a faster pace than any other organization in our industry.

The partner of choice for leading health systems.

“These joint ventures are deepening physician relationships, expanding outpatient surgical and other offerings, increasing our many activities in population health management, creating efficiencies by managing costs, furthering the continuum of care, leveraging the capabilities of all parties and strengthening MemorialCare Health System’s position as a comprehensive, integrated delivery system.”

Barry Arbuckle , Ph.D.
MemorialCare Health System President & CEO

SCA is an experienced leader in structuring and executing three-way partnerships with physicians and hospitals.

SCA Facilities Partnered With Health Systems


*As of December 31, 2016

“We have a great partnership…that’s growing rapidly in surgery centers with SCA.”

Barclay Berdan
CEO at Texas Health Resources

A health systems partnership with SCA provides a path to:


Affiliate with high quality surgeons


Capture additional inpatient and outpatient market share


Prepare for payment reform by developing a low cost venue for surgical care (ACOs, bundled payments, etc.)

As a focused expert, SCA can turn-key the development and implementation of a market-wide strategy, including the day-to-day management of surgical facilities resulting in outstanding patient care, a focus on physician satisfaction, and efficiency gained through SCA’s scale and expertise. SCA also integrates seamlessly with clinical systems and enterprise reporting systems. Control of the partnership is maintained by the health system at the proper level to ensure that the operation fulfills their mission.