The Revenue Cycle Team

The team at the heart of our mission.

The SCA community is full of committed, self-motivated people who maintain our business and our values. These include teammates across the business, but specifically within our revenue cycle team.

Mission Critical

Within SCA, our revenue cycle teammates play a unique role. They connect with our patients, their insurers or bill payers and our physicians. In a rapidly growing market, the efficiency of this team directly affects our mission to care for our patients, serve our physicians, and improve healthcare in America.

We work out of centers across the United States, the largest in Sacramento, Indianapolis and Dallas.

We currently serve over 50% of all SCA facilities and we have been adding 20 new facilities to the revenue cycle team every year.

We’re investing over $1m in tools and systems to keep our position as an industry leading provider.

Our coding team currently serves 83% of SCA facilities and codes 88% of all cases. It is projected to grow by 12% year on year.

The Revenue Cycle Team Explained

Located around the United States, with major centers in Sacramento, Indianapolis and Dallas, we have dedicated people constantly working on process improvement to keep our position as an industry leading service. And we’ve launched a variety of quality and incentive programs to help keep our teammates motivated and to reward great performance.

Some of the roles within the team include:

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable representatives
  • Billing and Cash Applications Representatives
  • Insurance Verification Representative
  • Team Leads and Team Managers

Whatever role you play, the revenue cycle team is key to helping SCA change healthcare in America.

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