A Values-Driven Team

Everyone at SCA knows that our mission is to care for our patients, serve our physicians and improve healthcare in America. That’s what makes us tick.

Part of our continued success is our value system. Our six core company values have been defined and shared by our teammates.


Each of these six areas, in support of our mission, makes a real difference to the culture of the organization. Teammates have a say in how we develop, and how they develop as individuals, colleagues, and professionals.

Every year we reinforce our commitment with awards to our ‘Values Heroes’, teammates who have demonstrated outstanding devotion to one or more of our core values.

“Being a Values Hero means that my facility teammates and the entire SCA Community recognizes and appreciates what I do and that means the world to me.”

Sean McGarvey, Lead Surgical Tech, Walnut Creek Endoscopy Center, Walnut Creek, CA

“Being a Values Hero means doing whatever it takes, no matter how difficult because it is the right thing to do. It means being the best until we can’t be better and always working at 100%. It means being there and ready when our patients need us. It means treating our patients as if they were our family members and facing them with the warmest smile on our face, even when the day hasn’t been so good to us. It means treating our work family with respect and dignity all while understanding the importance of the personal and business boundaries. It means always being willing to help one another make our work home the best it can be.”

Lorena Buckner, Surgical Tech, Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital, Austin, TX