SCA Continues to Expand its Cardiovascular Program

“We wanted the Franklin Surgery Center to be a part of this growing shift from the beginning, so we made the exciting decision to launch a cardiovascular service line.”

Amy Fuchs, RN, Franklin Surgery Center Administrator

By any standards, SCA’s Franklin Surgery Center in New Jersey was extremely successful, performing more than 400 procedures each month across a number of service lines. However, when the opportunity to introduce peripheral vascular (PV) procedures emerged, the leadership team quickly recognized the additional value a cardiovascular program could bring to the center’s long-term growth by improving the patient experience through high-quality, low-cost care.

The number of cardiovascular procedures performed at ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) continues to increase. In particular, there is significant opportunity to migrate clinically appropriate PV procedures, with a majority of cases being performed in a hospital setting. Many physicians and patients find ASCs to be a preferred setting due to the high-quality care and convenient and comfortable environment.

In partnership with general and vascular surgeon Dr. Peter Pappas, Franklin Surgery Center Administrator Amy Fuchs and SCA’s dedicated cardiovascular team spent several months preparing to launch a cardiovascular program.

The cardiovascular team helped Franklin leverage existing teammate skill sets, order the appropriate medical equipment and run a mock procedure to ensure a smooth roll-out of the program.

“SCA is committed to being a great partner to our centers and physicians as they introduce cardiovascular service lines. At Franklin, we hosted a clinical PV training session that included the pre-op, OR and recovery room settings.”

Marty Taglauer, RN, Manager of Cardiovascular Clinical Implementation

The Franklin Surgery Center team successfully launched its PV program with three high-acuity PV procedures at the end of 2016. PV procedures are now regularly performed, demonstrating that the ASC setting is not only appropriate, but desirable for physicians and patients alike.

Partnering with SCA makes transitioning cardiovascular cases to the ASC setting a smooth process for physicians and offers patients a high-quality, low-cost alternative to the hospital. At SCA centers, physicians appreciate the ease of scheduling procedures, the predictability of starting on time and SCA’s strong health plan relationships.

By shifting a PV case from the hospital to an ASC setting, patients save an average of 41 percent per procedure*. As early adopters of an ASC cardiovascular service line, the Franklin Surgery Center is uniquely positioned to be the partner of choice for physicians who want to provide their patients high-quality, low-cost cardiovascular care in a comfortable environment.

If you are interested in partnering with SCA in an existing or de novo facility, please reach out to using our contact form.

Click here to download the Expanding Cardiovascular Program case study pdf.